Zero-Emission Vessel

YARA and VARD to Come Together to Build Zero-Emission Vessel

In a recent announcement, YARA and VARD have stated that the world’s first electric and autonomous container Zero-Emission Vessel is now very much close to the launch as a deal has been signed between these two companies, which is approximately worth NOK 250 million to construct the vessel. VARD is expected to deliver YARA Birkeland for the launch in the year 2020. This vessel is further projected to gradually move from the manned operation to a complete autonomous operation by the end of 2022.

In the month of May last year, KONGBERG, a technology company and YARA made an announcement regarding a partnership to build the world’s first electric and autonomous container Zero-Emission Vessel. This vessel is projected to replace around 40,000 truck journeys of a year and the YARA Birkeland will also reduce the emissions of CO2 and NOx and improve the road safety in a densely populated urban areas. As of now, the shipyard has been finalized and the construction of the vessel is expected to being shortly.

The CEO and President of YARA, Svein Tore Holsether stated that a vessel like YARA Birkeland has never been constructed across the globe and they say that the teaming up with the partners with an entrepreneurial set of mind and the cutting edge expertise. VARD is considered as one of the leading shipbuilding company of specialized vessels. VARD combines the experience and offers a customized ship building making use of several leading innovations and is likely to provide a game-changing vessel that will help in lowering their emissions and further contribute to feeding the world while protecting our planet.

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