Wood to Manage Construction Contract for Biggest Wind Farm in Europe


Green Investment Group Limited and GE Energy Financial Services have appointed Wood as the engineer of owner on the ETT Onshore Wind Farm. This farm is of capacity of 650MW and is based out in Swedish Lapland nearby the town of Pietà.

The project, which consists of 179 GE wind turbine generators of 3.63 MW power, is poised to become the largest single-site onshore wind farm in Europe. The completion date on this project is set to 2019 and is expected to raise the current set up wind generation of Sweden by over 12.5%.

Wood has offered support all through the project’s pre-financial close stage drawing on a broad range of experience and skill which comprises of operation as well as the construction of wind farms.

Wood’s chief executive office, Robin Watson expressed his optimism about the project saying Markbygden ETT Onshore Wind Farm is the biggest wind farm of its kind in Europe and will make a considerable impact in terms of contributing to the clean energy market of Europe. He also expressed his delight to sustain and build on the close working relations with both Green Investment Group and GE Energy Financial Services on this leading project.

Over the last 12 months Wood has worked very closely with the shareholders and sponsors during the time of pre-construction to tackle numerous challenges related with such huge project. Wood expressed their gratitude towards the sponsors and shareholders and also congratulated them on reaching the finance and huge power purchase agreement for this flagship project.

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