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Why Hurricane Funding Requests Should Include Energy Infrastructure?

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have left an unprecedented level of devastation in the U.S. From Corpus Christi via the Beaumont/Port Arthur/Orange Golden Triangle to East Texas’ Piney Woods communities, Hurricane Harvey has wrought destruction. In Texas alone, there are at least 8.0 million people living, which is multiple times more than Louisiana occupants impacted by the 2005 Hurricane Katrina.

There could be a whole lot of discussion on projects related to flood control in Texas. Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and others have already been highlighting long-existing plans to protect Houston from future floods with the creation of a new flood-control reservoir. Another project to vastly enlarge current seawalls along the Bolivar Peninsula and Galveston Island has been foreseen by U.S. authorities.

Opportunity to Fulfill National Infrastructure Spending Bill Promise

The oil and gas sector has been expected to view the seawall project intended to protect the Houston Ship Channel and Houston from future hurricane events as a key proposal. An untold count of manufacturing facilities and refineries positioned along the Ship Channel would be protected because of the project. Hurricane Irma has challenged the provision of sufficient diesel and gasoline supplies to the state of Florida.

The role of the refining sector in Texas and Louisiana has been starkly reminded of by Hurricane Harvey which has caused refinery and subsequent pipeline outages. While there could be snarky remarks made about the “red” states asking help from the federal government, protecting the refining infrastructure has become a national issue hungry for a national solution.

The nation hopes that the need to include the high priority of protecting critical energy infrastructure will not be lost amid the political gamesmanship lurking around the hurricane-ravaged states.

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