WhatsApp puts down Government Request to Stop False Messaging

WhatsApp snubs the central government and has been stern that it will do nothing to address the spread of false messages on the messaging platform. This is in response to government’s allegations against a few lynchings that are related to spread of false messages on the messaging app.

In response to a request from Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the messaging platform refused to succumb to the one thing the government asked for.

WhatsApp Considers Privacy of Users Supreme

Earlier in the week, the government wrote to the messaging app to take immediate steps to terminate the spread of false messages on the platform. Among all, false messages related to outsiders entering some parts of the country to kidnap children and trafficking them to other countries are of particular concern. These messages have been related to a number of people being lunched by angry mobs suspected to be child traffickers.

In response to the request made by the government, WhatsApp enumerated a number of initiatives that were being adopted that could help to inform users if a message might be fake. The messaging app outright refused to take measures to block the spread of messages that are ascertained to be false. Privacy was the simple reason given by the messaging app to not heed to the request.

People are increasingly using WhatsApp for various communication needs. From seeking advice from doctor to business needs to communication with bank to chat with friends and family, people want to be assured the messages are private and secure.

Keshab Singha
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