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WhatsApp Launches Security Feature to Protect Private Conversation

WhatsApp is about to launch an advance security feature in its software. The new feature protects the personal conversation of its users by adding a security layer on the software. Thereby restricting other people to read your personal messages over WhatsApp. This new security feature will allow users to lock Whatsapp with the TouchID or FaceID. The feature is extremely useful for the person who don’t like others to snoop through their personal chats.

WhatsApp to offer personalized user experience with biometric security

Leaving behind all the messanger app, WhatsApp is first to launch such an advanced feature in its software. And, it is very easy to enable this biometric security  feature over smartphones. Simply follow the step: open the Whatsapp then go to select Account, select Privacy, select screen lock, and then press biometric option. Also, you can select the shut down time for the app.

iPhone users Prime Beneficiary of  Advanced Whatsapp Security Feature

For now, the feature is going to benefit only the iPhone users. This extra security feature will be available on iOS 9 and above versions. However, there is no update when the similar feature will arrive for Android users. But manufacturers of software are hopeful for similar launch on Android as well. Meanwhile, Android users can use some third party software available on the Play Store to safeguard the privacy of their WhatsApp messages.  Smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and Huwai offer similar security feature in their handsets as well.

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