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Wet BioWaste to Power Diesel Based Engines, Report Says

Increasing level of air pollution due to combustion of fossil fuels is concerning scientists all across the world. In order to provide respite, a team of researchers have found a technique to use wet biowaste to power various machinery. The research team found a way to convert wet biological waste into a diesel compatible fuel. Wet biological waste such as food scraps and swine manure can be converted. After it is converted, it can be blended with diesel. Converted wet biological waste has a combustion emission same that of diesel. The study was published in Nature Sustainability journal. 

According to Brajendra K.Sharma, who is a research scientists with the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center said that the end product can be used to power engines. He referred this step as quantum leap towards sustainable liquid fuels. The research was led by Yanhui Zhang. Yanhui’s former student Wan- Ting Chen was the first author of the paper.

Hydrothermal Liquification Solves the Problem of Drying Wet Waste

According to the researchers,the major solution is the hydro-thermal liquification. Hydro-thermal converts non fatty biowaste into bio-crude oil. After the conversion, the oil can be processed into engine fuel.

Zhang further mentioned that the team is making pilot scale reactor. The team plans to mount it on mobile trailer. It is believed that the reactor will have a processing capacity of one ton of biowaste. This will result in the production of 30 gallons of bio-crude on a daily basis.

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