Two-Factor Authentication

Wearable Devices to Be Used for Two-Factor Authentication, Finds Researchers

Researchers from University of Alabama have invented a new method for two-factor authentication through wearable devices which can be opted with speech signals.

The two-factor authentication process is known to reduce several tasks that’s one need to perform during conventional two-factor authentication. This has currently been an important focus for various security researchers. In the new two-factor method, a n ambient noise is made from one devices which helps in detecting the proximity between the two devices used for authentication, this process actually eradicates the practice of typing a numerical code, which at times are done wrong in a hurry by the users. On the flip side, according to the UAB researchers, thus new method is likely to leave users open to various cyber-attacks.

Prakash Strestha, a doctoral student accompanied with Nitesh Saxena, who has a Ph.D., called the watch “Listening-Watch” in a paper published. This paper was published at the Association for Computing Machinery Conference on Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks, which took place in June this year. The listening watch is known to be more secure, minimal interaction process using a wearable device, like activity tracker, smart-watch, and browser-generated random speech sounds.

Nitesh Saxena who holds a Ph.D., as well as a professor in the UAB College of Arts and Science Department of Computer and Information Sciences said that this watch caters two key security features. The watch uses arbitrary code encoded into speech to stand against the remote attackers. Smart watches which have low sensitivity microphones protects the users from proximity attackers.

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