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Volvo’s Driverless Electric Bus Makes Way in Singapore

The use of electric vehicles has been gathering momentum over the past decade. Electric vehicles have emerged as a key technology for a sustainable future. Furthermore, the use of electric vehicles for public transport can serve dual benefits. Firstly, like all other electric vehicles, it will reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. Secondly, and more importantly, it will fetch the benefits of shared public transport and less use of resources. On similar lines, Singapore University, along with Volvo, rolled out a driverless electric bus this week. The stakeholders will soon test this new model of buses in the city-state. Masses are welcoming Volvo’s approach to promoting electric vehicles.

Singapore’s Growth in Driverless Technologies

Singapore has been at the helm of growth for driverless vehicles in the past. The country has seen multiple technologies for self-driven cars. The country tested its driverless cab, the first in the world, in 2016 within a limited operation radius. Volvo, the Swedish automaker, and Nanyang Technological University headed the development of the electric bus. The autonomous electric bus, as the entities named it, is likely to begin trial run in the University campus. Furthermore, information from the trail run will help the Volvo and NTU in improving the technology. Once fully-optimized, the stakeholders will soon test the autonomous vehicles would on public roads.

Salient Features of the Bus

The President of Volvo Buses, Hakan Agnevall gave his verdict with regard to the development. He considers the new technology to be a step towards safer, smarter, and cleaner cities. Moreover, the buses have a capacity of around 80 passengers. The bus is estimated to use 80% less energy as against a bus that runs on diesel fuel. Furthermore, the bus consists of navigation controls and sensors which operate on artificial intelligence technologies. The new technology is likely to create ripples in the domain of electric vehicles.

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