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Vibrating Gloves: A Novel Therapy for Stroke Survivor

The life of a stroke survivor is challenging and full of troubles as they lose control and sensation of their arms, hands, or both.  Due to this, they are not able to perform their day-to-day work, for instance dressing and combing. There are several therapies and medicines which help them regain their senses. However, none of them has an effective and long-lasting impact on the treatment of their muscles senses. With a vision to make life easier for stroke survivors, researchers at Stanford and Georgia Tech have invented a device called vibrating gloves. This novel therapy could stimulate nerves and improve sensations as well as functions in stroke survivors’ hands and arms. 

Vibrating Gloves are Easy to Wear and Less Time-Consuming  

The prototype of the vibrating gloves were tested on several stoke suffer. And, most of them have showed a sign of improvement in their hand and arm senses. The glove is an innovative idea as it does not require patient to undergo time-consuming and painful medication. Patients can wear them as per their convenience.

At present researchers are working to improve the effectiveness of vibrating gloves on several patients. Once proven the device can be used for the treatment in clinics and hospitals.

Along with this, researchers are also looking forward to revising the glove’s design and few functions. This is because the vibrating gloves prototype lacks in elements of comfort and accessibility. Once the new designs are out, the researchers will begin a round of clinical tests at Stanford.

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