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Uber Apologizes for Sexism on Social Media Promotional Message

In a promotional message in Bengaluru in India last Monday, taxi-service company Uber urged husbands to let their wife take a day-off from kitchen, celebrate the first day of the week as Wife Appreciation Day, and avail the discount on its Uber Eats food delivery series. Soon after the message went viral, Uber tweeted that the message was totally inappropriate and it has been removed from the platforms. Bozoma Saint John, Uber’s chief brand ambassador, followed with another tweet that called the event totally unacceptable and she will take care of it.

String of Accusations Hurting Company’s Image

Though this unfortunate event did not cause too much of a stir in the city of Bengaluru, as most of the targeted audiences were busy dealing with a busy day, it has for sure added to the pile of negative impressions and bad promos that Uber has subjected itself in the recent times. This year alone, an internal investigation within Uber in a response to several claims of sexual harassment has seen the company fire nearly two dozen people. The review was a result of a blog post by former Uber engineer Susan J Fowler, whose revelations of alleged sexism in the company went viral.

Travis Kalanick, Uber’s chief executive and founder, is among a number of senior executives who have left the company in the recent times, and the turmoil does not seem to stop, despite its penetration in various emerging economies is excelling.

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