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Treating Aggressive Forms of Leukemia Using Drug Compounds

Myeloid Leukemia has affected millions of people across the world. There is a dire need to find effective treatment mechanisms for this form of cancer. Researchers have been involved in core research and development activities to find cures for acute myeloid leukemia. The American Cancer Society has estimated that around 10,670  die from the cancer every year. Moreover, a total of about 19,520 cases come to light every year which reflects the seriousness of the problem. A team of researchers at Purdue University are in the process of developing a drug compound that can cure this form of cancer. FLT3 is a kinase that is responsible for aggravating leukemia in about 30% of the sufferers.

Drug Development

The Food and Drug Administration of the US approved the usage of Radapt, an inhibitor for FLT3. Radapt, and other similar inhibitors have been fairly responsive in treating leukemia. Around 2018-end, Gilteritinib, was also approved by FDA for the treatment of leukemia. However, full-fledged treatments against leukemia are yet to be on the cards. The drug compounds developed by the researchers can work for problematic mutations including the gatekeeper F691L. The compounds endow tremendous potential for the treatment of leukemia and could be next-generation therapeutics for AML.

Future Developments

The drug compound is expected to open new avenues for growth in the field of AML. Several other research centers are projected to make their contributions in this regard.The development of an effective mechanism for AML treatment remains a top priority.

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