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Tesla Seeks Trademark for Teslaquila

Elon Musk is always known to spring surprises – big or small, savory or unsavory. The latest one is sure to be a savory one for alcohol lovers worldwide. A Telsa-branded tequila which he teased earlier this year on social media may become a reality soon. This is because on Monday the company went ahead to file an application with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Its intent is to trademark the product as – Teslaquila.

It needs a trademark for its products which it labels as “distilled blue agave liquor” and “distilled blue agave liquor.” Teslaquila made its first appearance in an April Fool’s day prank. In it Musk using his Twitter handle announced that his flagship electric car company was about to go bankrupt. He added that he was discovered beside a Tesla Model 3 passed out amidst Teslaquila.

A couple of days later, he also posted a photo on Instagram along with a bottle of tequila. It had a label pasted on it which read Teslaquila.

While so far there is little guarantee that tequila by Tesla would hit the market in the near term, it is known for sure that the company did file an “intent to use” trademark for Teslaquila. It means that it is not using it currently but intends to use sometime into the future. Tesla also had sought a trademark for this product earlier this year in Jamaica. At present it is asserting a priority date in the U.S. on the basis of the foreign application.

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