Telstra invests to Build New Subsea Cable Systems between Asia and US


The constant economic stride being taken by several emerging economies in various parts of the world has led to a burgeoning demand for data. With this, there is an ever increasing demand for better connectivity underpinned by robust cable systems connecting a number of these regions with developed countries. There have been a spate of investments, notably from prominent telecom players, to bolster the network capacity. In a bid to boost connectivity between the U.S. and key economies of Asia, Telstra Corporation Ltd. has committed several partnership deals to build submarine communications cable systems that will provide advanced connectivity between Hong Kong and the Pacific Coast—also called the West Coast of the United States.

New Subsea Cable Systems will Meet Data Demand in Hong Kong to the US route

In one of the agreements, Telstra will invest in building the Hong Kong Americas (HKA), the new cable system to boost connectivity between Hong Kong and the U.S. This is aimed at meeting increased demand for data connectivity between countries under Greater China and ASEAN countries. The Australian telecommunications company also announced that earlier it had invested in Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN) cable system, providing a direct cable connectivity between Hong Kong to the U.S. Both these cables are developed to add data connectivity of less latency between the U.S. and the Asian countries.

PLCN and HKA Lead to More Resilient Network

The newly proposed cable systems will provide a better alternative routes than the Asia-America Gateway (AAG) cable system, the one which the company operates the major capacity currently. The HKA and PLCN submarine cables, once developed, will add resiliency to the network by making it less prone to damage by natural disasters. These cable will connect South East Asia to west coast of the US, traversing regions of Guam, Hong Kong, and Hawaii.

The announcement was made at the PTC conference in Hawaii (21–24 January 2018). The PLCN is likely to be built by 2019 while the HKA cable tentatively by the end of the decade.

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