Telemedicine to Offer Potential Opportunities in Healthcare Sector


For more than a decade, the next big thing that is being considered in the health care sector is telemedicine. Several billions of dollars have been invested in order to create apps and websites that are expected to offer these virtual consultations with physicians, which are ranging from a doctor on demand to the America Well. The theory that has been behind this is that a large number of people would like to apt for a digital alteratives to an in-person visit of a physician if the option were available. And several patients in rural areas and in remote locations, who are miles away from the nearest doctor would also have some alternatives.

At present, telemedicine is quite far from the mainstream. In a research study that has been sponsored by a provider by telemedicine from the 2017, in which they found that around 82 percent of the consumers across the U.S. that do not use it. In this several factors are expected to be blamed. One of the most important and biggest thing is that several consumers across the U.S. are still not aware of the fact that the option of chatting with their doctor making use of video or phone.

The lack of awareness is considered as one of the main problems. The players in the market are expected to make efforts to create an awareness regarding the availability of alternatives, which is estimated to encourage the growth of the overall telemedicine market in the next few years. The increasing number of apps and other facilities that are being provided are predicted to accelerate the growth of the global market in the next few years.

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