Technology to Setup Virtual Power Plant to be Unveiled at E-World Meet


At the E-World conference this week, Next Kraftwerke will showcase the technology called NEMOCS behind its new virtual power plant software. Utility companies and grid operators can employ NEMOCS for networking of decentralized energy market assets, which include producers, storage units, and consumers. The technology enables each asset to be operated as an individual unit or as a part of a larger network utilizing remote control technology.

Some examples of practical applications of the new service solution include providing short-term reserves for transmission system operators or to enable balancing grid fluctuations in seconds. Besides this, NEMOCS can generate operating schedules for flexible assets that are attached to energy prices for trading on energy exchanges. The newly developed virtual power plant software displays and records information pertaining to reserves, current output, and standby status in real-time.

NEMOCS offers Customized Solution

The system enables price signals from exchanges and network signals from TSOs to be processed within seconds and converted into commands for networked, decentralized assets. This implies assets are brought into operation based on demand and keeping up with price development on exchanges, which helps maximize returns.

NEMOCS factors in restrictions that an asset is subject to at all times. The restrictions on asset depend if they are used for control reserve or price-oriented supply. NEMOCS is prepared for each customer following extensive consulting. The consulting phase involves understanding the customer’s requirements, desired applications, and assets to be networked.

Using NEMOCS, the company is providing a detailed solution to third parties to set up a virtual power plant. The technology includes every idea and feature developed by its own IT experts and energy traders.

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