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Tech Giant Alphabet to Launch Drone-Based Delivery Service in Australia

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has made several key additions to its product portfolio over the past decade. The company has reeked of innovation and forward-thinking while developing goodwill across the market. The most recent development from the company has come to light in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. Wing, a sub-division of Alphabet, has pioneered the launch of commercial delivery drones in the capital. This new drone-based delivery service has generated ripples across the entire e-commerce industry in Australia. Wing’s all-new drone delivery service has been introduced in response to the stellar demand for quicker delivery options. The company plans to develop a strong corporate identity through the new service.

Specification of New Drone-Based Delivery Service

Wing, in one of its blog posts, revealed the items that consumers can ordered via its delivery service. They can order coffee, fresh food items, and over-the-counter drugs through a mobile app. The drones will be able to deliver the ordered items within minutes. The drone-based delivery service will initially be rolled in three suburbs viz. Palmerston, Franklin, and Crace. The company stated that testing of goods delivery via drones has been under trial since 2014. Wing’s spokesperson revealed further that 3,000 successful deliveries have been possible via drones over the past 18 months.

Safety Norms and Standards

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) of Australia approved the safety standards that Wing has instituted. It was mandatory for the company to submit an application enunciating the reliability and safety of its drones to CASA. CASA has access to safety case submitted by Wing, before giving a green signal to the company. Although the drone systems used by Wing are automated, a pilot shall always stay at the helm.

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