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Swift Robots could help Preform Warehouse Task Effectively

IAM Robotics, a Pennsylvania based robotics company has developed a unique robot called Swift. It is an autonomous mobile picking robot that can help in picking and dropping of products from a warehouse shelves to another. The robot scan those products, picks them and move to the desire locations.   

Advanced Technologies Made Swift Capable of performing tasks without Human Intervention

As per the company, Swift is only robot that is capable of performing such tasks. It can perform all tasks without a human intervention. The robot is empowered with several advanced technology such as AI and computer vision technologies. These technologies make robot robust enough to make decisions by itself.  It is fully autonomous, it can move around using its own ability to see.

It is a 74 inches tall robot that boast 360-degree integration and can work for 10 hours on a single charge. Apart from this, it can pick up heavy objects from both sides of an aisle.

If used correctly, this robot is helpful in performing several industrial tasks. Also it will help giant manufacturers to fill difficult-to-fill positions and add a layer of efficiency in warehouses. This will reduce costs of operation and also help alleviate manual labor shortage in the companies.

The company IAM Robotics recently partnered with logistics leader DB Schenker. The two organizations are collaborating, for example, on the deployment of mobile picking robots and other robots that can both pick up and transport goods. Along with this, IAM Robotics is looking forward to develop several other robots for instance a Flash product dimensioned and photo booth that records barcode.

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