A Study Shows Overnight Memory Enhancement due to Non-invasive Brain Stimulation

Non-invasive Brain Stimulation

A recent research sponsored by the United States Department of Defense comes up with a method, which will improve memory consolidation while sleeping. The improvement of memory will be done with a non-invasive brain stimulation technique while sleeping. The method can be used by upon patient as well as on healthy population. When the memory goes for long-term storage from the hippocampus to the neocortex, it is supposed to be facilitated by synchronization to these segments of the brain while sleeping that will store the long-term memory. Efforts to enhance the process of improving memory storage overnight was initiated by Praveen Pilly, Nicholas Ketz, and their colleagues from the University of New Mexico. Thus, to achieve an overnight enhancement of memory was done with the help of closed loop transcranial with an inconsistent stimulation system that matched the frequency and phase in the continuous flow of slow-wave oscillation process during sleep.

During the experiment, participants were specially trained on a realistic visual discrimination task. During the task, the participant was supposed to detect threatening hidden objects and people (for example – terrorist or snipers and explosive weapons).  After non-invasive brain stimulation process researcher found that, the participants who received stimulation while sleeping have shown better results by targeting a similar process but in a newer situation. The difference in their performance was evident by the way they performed without receiving stimulation. Thus, the results show that the recent research must be used in a robust as well as for general memory that will improve memory while sleeping.

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