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Study Sheds Light on Effective Brain Target to Improve Mood in People

According to a recent study, researchers have identified a target in the brain which can lighten up the mood of people suffering from depression. The study shed a light on the brain region which on electric stimulation can improve the moods of people. The study is reported in journal Current Biology on November 29.

The study found out that lateral orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) is the brain region which stimulates the mood of person. Stimulation of OFC has improved the mood of a depressed person. On understanding the brain stimulation on people without mood symptoms, researchers found that there were no such effects, thus indicating that brain stimulation only normalizes mood related neutral circuitry.

Vikram Rao, who led the team of researchers, said that the findings in the study will help to understand depression in person and help them to cure it.

Electrode Present In the Brain of Patients Help to Send Electrical Pulses

Kristin Stellers along with Vikram Rao led the team in Edward Chang’s lab and studied 25 patients diagnosed with epilepsy. These patients had electrodes in their brain for medical purpose to understand the origin of their seizures. Among the lot, there were patients who suffered depression. On taking consent from the patients, the team took the help of electrodes present in their brain to send small electrical pulses to regions of the brains which are likely to be involved in controlling moods.

The researchers mentioned that electrical stimulation of small area of brain can immediately show signs of improvement in one’s moods. They also concluded that mood disorders occur due to dysfunction in brain circuits.

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