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SpaceX Rebuts Rumors About Failed Falcon 9 Rocket Mission

SpaceX, on Tuesday, ridiculed the arguments against it for being responsible for toppling the Zuma mission. It defended its Falcon 9 rocket that was considered to be the prime reason behind the failure of the mission. The company claims that the facts quoted against the viability of the operations are fundamentally flawed. The statements by the company were made in response to the unverified reports on social media about the crash of the secret satellite into the ocean resulting from the blastoff from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Statements Countering Mission Failure Doctrines

Although SpaceX didn’t confirm if the mission was successful, it did point to the separation of the rocket’s nose cone, citing it to be a normal procedure during secret national security missions. A satellite tracker elucidated that the spacecraft possibly completed an orbit before seeing disruptions. The falcon rocket was deliberately pulled off the orbit because it was venting excess fuel; continuing its orbital motion would have been a peril, explained SpaceX. The clouds were dispersed along the path of the Falcon 9 rocket which resulted in glowing and diffraction visible from the earth. Videos of the amusing view went viral on social media even as analysts debated the success of the operation.

Falcon 9’s Next Fleet Due Soon

The company readies itself for the launch of another falcon 9 communications satellite and it would be interesting to see the viability of the operation. The statement given SpaceX would serve as an important standpoint for the debate that was mushrooming around the falcon 9 rocket. However, the statement could prompt a response from mature satellite trackers.

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