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SpaceX Launched Air Force’s Satellite Successfully

The biggest space launching of 2018 and world history of launching rockets – launch of Falcon Heavy rocket by SpaceX. Three Falcon 9 settled in the space with help of powerful vehicles apart from the Apollo era of the US. These three did not lift any astronauts but it traveled with dummy and the bunch of cameras fixed in it.

These cameras sent some amazing photos and views on to the way to Mars. SpaceX is all set to establish a record for the 21 commercial launches in the year. Introduction of the advanced and final version of Falcon 9 has a big share in the success of the company. The technology has higher lifespan than other technologies and has impressive past experiences of the orbital class rocket.

SpaceX’s Recent Launch

Recently, SpaceX launched the US Air force’s powerful satellite featuring advanced GPS features. Falcon 9 took off from Cape Canaveral, Florida out of the orbit of Earth. The satellite launch scheduled on Tuesday got preponed to Sunday. This was due to the prediction of unsuitable weather.

The Secretary of Air Force, Heather Wilson said that this GPS-based satellite is accurate that the previous launches. It was three times accurate than previous versions and eight times better at anti-jamming. It is the first series of launcher after Italian explorer, which argued on the circumferential distance of 50 miles.

Lockheed Martin built the advanced GPS technology near Denver. It was the 21st launch of the company and the last of this year.

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