South Korean Giant NOROO to Try Hands in Futuristic Agriculture


NOROO, the leading paint and resin vendor of South Korea, has a new fervor, ‘futuristic agriculture’. With Central Asia and China becoming the first challenge ground, the company aims to find a solution for the current global agriculture scenario, that is, the growth rate of the world’s population, shrinking of water resource, increasing usage of pesticides and fertilizers, ageing farmer profile, global warming, alarming rise in environmental waste, and significantly high requirements for food safety and security, with its diversification.

Due to this commitment, the South Korean giant established two subsidiary units in 2015, The Kiban for the development of advanced seed and NOROO Kiban to innovate methods of smart farming. While the former focus on developing seeds that are superior to seeds gained from other sources, the latter permits indoor, year-round agriculture with only one culture medium and nutrient solution.

NOROO to Focus on Developing Network of Related International Companies

Futuristic agriculture consists of six fields of expertise, including chemistry, biology, nanotechnology, robotics, culture, and information and communications technology (ICT). NOROO is primarily concentrating on developing networks of related international companies as a project creator to seek out win-win strategies. As drones gather data, such as plant health and topography, KroFarm, the company’s environmental factor control system, processes data, enabling agriculturists to control humidity, ventilation of single or multiple greenhouses, and nutrients at the click of a button. The software is developed in-house by NOROO for computers and smartphones and it utilizes Internet of everything.

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