Sono Motors to Produce All Electric Car in 2019

Sono Motors

Electric vehicles are the future. Sensing the potential, most carmakers have jumped at the opportunity and every now and then make headlines with the launch of more sophisticated products. Sono Motors, that was started from a garage by three friends and is now a company with a strength of 5000 people, has come up with an – all electric car, which can charge while driving. The car has been named Sion.

Already all electric car – Sion, has received over 5000 reservations from 33 nations. The goal of Sono Motors, reveals a video by the company, is to completely stop usage of dirty fossil fuels so as to achieve sustainable mobility.

The company has created a prototype car which has close to 330 solar cells imbedded in its hood, roof, and body sides. Those help to recharge the battery by harnessing energy from the sun’s rays. To protect it from the damage caused by the immediate environmental conditions, they coated the solar cells with polycarbonate.

The battery system of the electric car is said to provide a range of around 250 km. After that it would need to be charged. Overall, the electric car would be powered by a combination of batteries and solar panels outfitted in it. The exterior of the car is mainly made from polycarbonate, which as per the company is scratch-resistant and rust proof.

How well the futuristic electric car would work in real time, only time would tell. Many have predicted that the car would ultimately need batteries to run it in addition to the solar cells.

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