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Solar Projects Aided by U.S. Energy Department Armed with New Tools

The development of solar energy has been making strides over the recent years. Under the aegis of Solar Market Pathways – an initiative of the Solar Energy Technologies Office of the U.S. Department of Energy, 14 innovative solar projects across the country have received support. This is to increase the adoption of solar energy by reducing the sundry costs associated with solar.

The newer projects provide avant-garde online tools and how-to execute guides for a know-how for solar energy developers, governments, universities, customers, and other stakeholders while making solar energy decisions. Financial calculators, manuals, checklists, rooftop solar potential tools, and software to integrate solar energy with battery storage systems are the array of tools that have been provided by these projects. The focus of these projects is to support the development of solar energy for community solar, new markets, colleges and universities, and residential complexes.

Online Tools Support Solar Development Initiatives of Commercial Establishments

The Solar Market Pathways website provides details pertaining to goals, progress, and resources of each of the 14 projects. The tools and guides provided by these projects are some of the best and are free to use. For example, the Solar Finance Simulator is an Internet-based tool for hospitals, universities, nonprofits, municipalities, and businesses for simulation of long-term financial forecasts of four types of solar investments. Users can use their own value and make a comparison of financial projections for various requirements such as direct ownership, debt financing, power purchase agreements, and operating leases. The tool works for taxable as well as tax-exempt entities. The tool can also serve to be used to offer guidance or validation of potential projects, comparison of proposals, or simply aid users familiarize with financial structures and common transactional costs.

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