Social Robot to Perform Mundane Tasks at Workplace


Workers at Fuji Xerox R&D Square, Japan are all about to get a new colleague who would perform many of their tedious, daily tasks and as such promote collaboration. This new colleague of theirs is a robot that has been created at The University of New South Wales or UNSW, Sydney.

The said social robot has been designed with the aim of improving employee experience at the setting of a workplace. This project is a part of three year collaboration between the Fuji Xerox Research Technology Group (RTG) in Japan and the UNSW Creative Robotics Lab in Japan.

The Project to Further Utilize Psychological Programming to Improve the Robot

The first phase of this Fuji Xerox funded project involved preliminary tests of engineering at UNSW. In the next phase of the project, the robot is scheduled to be placed at real-life settings to test reactions of the audience, first at Tokyo’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo then at the office of Fuji Xerox. All the data about the interactions with audience will be gathered so as to assist in further development of the robot.

Research Senior Manager at Research and Technology Group of Fuji Xerox, Roshan Thapliya, opined that the new social robot would get into interaction with employees and accomplish many of the organizational and administrative and tasks thereby enabling the workers to utilize their time to do creative jobs.

The Social Robotics Lab at UNSW will further work on the psychological programming and design of the robot. Other technical aspects of the project comprise artificial intelligence or AI and robo-navigation, will also be developed by the School of Computer Science, UNSW in collaboration with Fuji Xerox.

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