Soaring Research Activities to Propel White Graphene Market

White Graphene Market

White graphene is one of the two commercial forms of boron nitride also called as white graphite, since it has physical structure as graphite. White graphene is an environmental friendly compound with superior lubrication. The molecular structure of white graphene market offers great properties such as shock resistance, electrical insulation etc.

Personal Care Segment to Drive Growth

Personal care sector is expected to witness the highest demand for white graphene market in the coming years. This is majorly because it is a key ingredient in make-up and other beauty products, such as blushers and foundation. The increasing investments for product development by foundation cream manufacturers, such as L’Oréal, Estée Lauder, Chanel, Oriflame, and Sephora, are expected to further boost the demand for white graphene market from the personal care sector during the forecast period.

The increased use of white graphene as an insulator in high-temperature furnaces is one of the latest trends that will gain traction in the white graphene market in the coming years. White graphene is usually used in high-temperature applications owing to its high thermal resistance. The notable hardness of the material makes it an ideal material for manufacturing insulators used in high-temperature furnaces. Additionally, the compound can also be hot pressed to form the desired shape of the insulator with properties such as high electrical resistance, low dielectric constant, corrosion resistance, and thermal shock resistance.

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Innovations in Technology to Offer Lucrative Opportunity

Researchers from TU Delft in The Netherlands, in collaboration with a team at the University of Cambridge (U.K.), have found a way to create and clean tiny mechanical sensors in a scalable manner. They created these sensors by suspending a two-dimensional sheet of white graphene (h-BN), or ‘white graphene’ over small holes in a silicon substrate. This innovation could lead to extremely small gas and pressure sensors for future electronics.

Prominent vendors operating in the global white graphene market are Oak Ridge National Laboratory, ZYP Coatings Inc., Yonsei University, Gobain Advanced Ceramics LLC, and Precision Ceramics.

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