Smartphone based on Blockchain technology Finney to be the First of its kind

Technology is now the driving force for almost all the sectors. 3D printing, augmented reality, blockchain are the new paradigm for work and living. Recently, a Swiss based consumer electronics company, Sirin Labs has come up with its new smartphone based on blockchain technology Finney. The smartphone has a dual screen design and is in partnership with Foxconn, a handset manufacturing company. The world will experience its first blockchain based smartphone, which will be available from November at a cost of $999.

The device is expected to come with a two-inch slider “safe screen”. The specifications of the smartphone are it is based on Android 8.1, multi-factor, secure communication, behavior based intrusion protection system (IPS), contains proprietary decentralized application (DApp), and have a cold storage crypto wallet. The aim of Sirin Labs is to minimize the gap between the huge market and ease to use blockchain technology.

The widespread presence of cryptocurrency is also a major factor for developing Finney. The unique features and design of the smartphone will work effectively to use cryptocurrencies.  The hidden screen covers a cold-storage cryptocurrency wallet that will be used to support a number of leading cryptocurrencies. The second screen is based on the firmware and will be used for tracking tractions of cryptocurrencies. Sirin’s SRN token is Finney default currency. Moreover, to add to the fact, initially, the cost of the finney smartphone comes in dollars as a currency. However, when a person undergoes the buying process, the currency will be automatically converted from dollar to SRN.

Ganesh Rajput
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