Smart Packaging Solutions: Present and Future of Packaging Industry


The hottest new trend in the manufacturing industry is smart packaging. As much as it excite manufacturers, it confuses them at the same time in equal measures. Smart packaging solutions have made quite a stir in the global market as they have the potential to control the current–and the future–packaging scenario. It is fast-emerging as something that one would require to consider for smooth operations in the near future. However, to how, and if, this groundbreaking approach to packaging fits into one’s business is quite challenging.

The mart Packaging improves packaging solutions using two methods: Intelligent Packaging and active Packaging. Intelligent Packaging can make aware of the status of packaged contents and communicate regarding other issues with the help of a combination of dedicated materials and technology, whereas, active Packaging improves functionality by sensing and modifying the packaging environment according to the need in order to maintain the microbiological quality of contents. Barriers, scavengers, absorbers, and several other controllers of active variables are the main components of active packaging solutions.

The global smart packaging industry has been analyzed on the basis of various parameters by a number of market research organizations. Ernst and Young (EY) has reported that the worldwide consumer packaging market is currently worth US$400-500 bn including the industrial end products. By 2020, the smart packaging segment is anticipated to touch US$40 bn. Smithers Pira believes the active and intelligent packaging market will reach US$10.5 bn by 2021 end.

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