Singapore Retail Group Bets on RFID to Effectively Tag and Track Items


Stocktaking is time consuming. After a business closes, employees spend hours on it. However, for Singapore-based Elush Retail Group, this may soon be history as it plans to leverage Smart Management and Tracking System, whose underlying technology is RFID, acronym for radio frequency identification.

RFID does a much faster job in terms of tagging or keeping a track of items. It beats the QR codes and barcodes in efficiency since many RFID tags can be deciphered instantaneously from a distance, thereby enabling speedier capturing of data. This is because RFID tags are equipped with a chip that makes them more intelligent and helps provide a unique identification.

RFID to Drastically Bring Down Stocktaking Time

Director of Elush, which has been leveraging barcodes and checking each item separately against its database, now plans to use RFID. It would help them to dramatically reduce the time taken for stocktaking from the current two weeks to just a few days. Elush carries out stocktaking twice a year and every time the staff have to count numerous products in every store once the shutters are down from 10:00 pm to the early morning hours. RFID will provide them with much needed relief.

The announcement was made by director of Elush ahead of the Lean Enterprise Development (LED) Symposium, which is scheduled for Friday. Elush, currently achieves around US$130 million worth of sales annually and operates nine iStudio outlets, which are called Apple Premium Reseller stores. It sells all Apple products and employs over 65 people.

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