Siemens Successfully Launches its 150 MW Gas Turbines all Across the Globe


Siemens, a Germany based company has successfully traded more than 325 of its SGT 800 gas turbines all over the world. This contributes to more than 5 million operating hours in total, along with rapid experience and over 99.5% of increased reliability. The undertaking is assessed to pull in near US$ 250mn of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Nigeria, helping industrialization,, employment development, and business in the nation. The monetary effect of this undertaking will be emphatically felt in Delta State, especially in the town of Sapele, where almost around 1000 employments will be made amid its development stage.

The SGT-800 gas turbine has a demonstrated long haul record of effective establishments around the globe and is a brilliant decision for both oil and gas application and modern power. The turbine meets the parts essential for productivity, unwavering quality and ecological similarity contributing the most ideal rate of profitability and low lifecycle cost.

More ventures are Being Planned in Africa Keeping Several Facets in Mind

Seimens is also planning on presently assembling more than 17,000mw in Africa with ventures in Nigeria (with Azura), Egypt, and in Sudan. Today, the cost of energy in Nigeria is high. Keeping in mind the end goal to have solid, dependable and consistent power supply, the change in expenses in the vicinity of 80 and 150 Naira/kWh. Moreover, one likewise needs to consider the cost of the fuel, a backup generator, the capex and administration as well. This is extremely costly for the normal Nigerian citizen. Contributing to this, Proton Delta Sunrise, which is a power plant is also estimated that it can definitely decrease these cost and individuals will pay a considerably low cost than what they presently pay for dependable power, said Mr. Andreas Pistauer, who is the Vice President of Power and Gas, Africa.

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