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Shell Aims to Spearhead Digital Revolution at Techtonics

Disruptive innovation and advanced technologies are considered highly crucial to cater the escalating energy demand in the near future. Set up in 2015, the IT Hub that Shell has in Bangalore with over 2000 employees is Shell’s one of the four and potentially the largest IT hubs worldwide. This IT Hub therefore exhibits the largest IT footprint of Shell across the world. Techtonic 2017, organized by Shell at its IT Bangalore hub, is one of the first community events focused on inspiring people to gain awareness regarding Shell’s overall hydrocarbon value chain. This event is touted as an ideation drive to spark new ideas and engage a rich partner and supplier ecosystem.

Various Digital Solutions offered at Techtonic

Techtonic 2017 was intended at identifying various digital solutions that would play a crucial role in accelerating Shell’s business success and help it gain higher competitive strength. Technotonic therefore instilled confidence on all of 2000+ employees of Shell’s Bangalore IT hub and other entities, besides their technology partners by showcasing its various achievements, projects, and energy-industry IT solutions. For instance, Shell exhibited a technology which enabled the wearers of an innovative device HoloLens to step inside and walk around a digitized 3D model of a subsurface rock. This actually helped the wearer to examine the properties of rock such as permeability and porosity.

Besides this, Techtonic had various skill development programs for employees such as energy transition program, masterclasses on Blockchain, new energy systems, Internet of Things, and energy transition program. The event also witnessed the felicitation of two of the employee innovation competitions, which had engaged all of the hub’s employees into an innovative battle.

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