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Scientists finds Graphene Oxide Coating Makes Ammunition Advanced

The scientists from the leading university and researcher from the U.S. Army developed a new method to procure more energy from the energetic materials which contains aluminum. Common in battle field system, by burring aluminum powder with the graphene oxide. In addition, the discovery is linked with the army renewal priorities that is extensive range of precisions fire. This research process also helps in improving the energetic performance of the metal power which is majorly utilized during exposition and propellant element in Army’s munitions.

The graphene is considered as the lightest and strongest materials across the globe and also mentioned as the miracle material. Moreover, the graphene is highly expensive, transparent and the most conductive materials to produce. As there is various usage graphene which further includes electronics touchscreen laptops such as LCD, light emitting diodes or medicine like sequencing of DNA and OLED displays. Furthermore, the oxidizing graphite is process to produce cost effective products at commercial scale and the final result is Graphene oxide.

The research is later issued in ACS Nano along with partnership from the RDECOM Research Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, the Army’s corporate research laboratory (ARL), University of Southern California, and Argonne National Laboratory in the October publication.

Scientists from Various University Jointly Working to Develop Metal Propellant to Safe Guard Lives 

The new published report stated that the leading scientists from the University of Tennessee, Texas Tech University, Development and Engineering Center at Picatinny, Army Research, N.J., and with the Air Force Research Laboratory are jointly working on establishing a new research avenue to develop superior novel metal explosive elements to safeguard more lives for the Military warfighters.

Due to abundant aluminum materials (AI) can theoretically release large quantity of heat and is comparatively cheaper owing to abundant resource.

As a result, these finding can be utilized to upgrade the range and lethality of the prevailing armament system.

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