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Scientists Discovers Magic Carpet that flaps, creeps and move on its own

The scientists from the University of Pittsburgh in the US has recently discovered a magic carpet that move, fraps, creep and wave and alter its shape to serve the riders.

The scientists get this idea from the magic carpet which was introduced in a folk story from the One thousand and One Night in the Disney’s Aladdin and the magic carpet in the features capture the image not because it can fly but also because it can change the shape, size and frap while flying. Inspired from the tales, a group of researchers has recently designer a similar two dimensional sheet that can also change the shape and move automatically in a reactant fluid-filled chamber.  

The researchers also stated that the research process was a challenging task, as it took long time to develop a non-living object which can fly, frap and move own its own in a confined area. The objects helps in carrying out new task assigned by the brand.

Scientists Develop Microfluidic Device that Performs Vital Tasks

The researchers have recently developed chemical active patches on a surface that could produce fluid flow, but the fluid flow does not influence the shape of the patch and location.

The team also modelled rectangular and spherical particles that can moves in a fluid filled micro chamber. This study was recently published in the journal Science Advances.

Now, the researchers have developed this integrated system which uses a chemical reaction to active the fluid filled that at the same time transport the flexible object and change its shape and this happens automatically.

A post-doctoral associate also said that a micro fluid that carry these two dimensional sheet can now perform various task that includes grabbing the soft or delicate article, creeping alone to clean the surface and shuttling cargo.

The researchers can also produce a specific fluid flow which transport the products through utilizing these device.

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