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Scientists Discover Novel Strategy to Protect Retina

According to a team of scientists, an enzyme, which is known for helping the liver for getting rid of ammonia is also discovered to be quite good for protecting the retina. The retina, of the human eye that captures the light and then further converts it into the neural signals leading to the brain so the person can see, may get destroyed or damaged by conditions that are likely to reduce the flow of blood due to hypertension, glaucoma, and diabetes.

The cell biologists, Dr. Ruth B. Caldwell, from the Vascular Biology Center at the Georgia Medical College at the Augusta University stated that they are trying to understand about what they can do in order to ameliorate that damage and further lessen the initial injury. They are also trying to find out ways in which they can promote better recovery. Dr. Ruth B. Caldwell and her colleagues have their first evidence that the above-mentioned enzyme – Arginase 1 is expected to do both by suppressing the inflammation that has been produced by the big white blood cells that are called as macrophages.

The research findings of the team further indicate that the arginase 1 therapy that is already present in the clinical trials process for cancer is estimated to offer a novel strategy for this blinding problem. The findings have been mentioned in the Journal – Cell Death and Disease. The scientists have further studied normal mice and one with the arginase 1 knocked out across the body, particularly from the macrophages and also from the endothelial cell that line the blood vessels.

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