Scientist Power Double-pane Solar Windows by Tweaking Quantum Dots


Days dependent on fossil fuel are numbered, as the world has realized the importance and possibilities of renewable energy. Solar energy system is one of the most promising alternatives that are currently being harnessed by a number of R&D institutes and the Los Alamos Nation Laboratory has made its contribution, making it possible to tweak quantum dots in a double-pane solar window to generate electricity.

The new solar windows developed at the laboratory produces energy at greater efficiency while also creating an insulated environment that can offer shading. The engineers have achieved this by creating a unique window architecture that makes use of two distinct layers of low-cost quantum dots and is customized to absorb important parts of the solar spectrum. This finding is in sync with the existing photovoltaic cells technology that needs highly efficient sunlight collectors, as they can be then commercialized by being integrated into a building’s infrastructure.

Solar-spectrum splitting that these advanced solar windows utilizes enables it to process higher and lower energy solar photons separately. Since the higher-energy photons are able to produce higher photo-voltage, this new approach can improve on the photocurrent as the dots used at the first layer are practically free from reabsorption.

According Victor Klimov, to the lead researcher of the study, the strength of performance of this new solar windows will eventually mean its affordability at low cost. Once that stage is achieved, this new study may prove to be a boon for the global renewable energy market.

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