Satellite Startups

Satellite Startups Betting Big on New Technologies See Huge Funding

Miniaturized technologies have evolved beyond measure to become more sophisticated and effective. This has had a visible impact on aeronautics and space technologies, something which has drawn attention of big shot investors. Satellite Startups are literally on the moon with venture investment pouring in. After a long sluggish period, this spike in investment is spelling opportunity for companies operating in it. Major satellite players that have benefitted from the trend are mostly private companies in the industry. Companies that have received major funding via initial VC rounds such as seed and Series A and private equity are OneWeb, Ligado Networks, Kymeta, Spaceflight Industries, and Planet. All are based out of the U.S. Other significant beneficiaries are DiGiFi Korea from South Korea and Kacific from Singapore.

Capital Mostly Concentrated in Satellite Startups in Broadband Area

Overall, the satellite companies are into three different areas of broadband internet delivery, satellite-enabled services, and hardware development. Most of the capital is concentrated in the broadband front. This is not just on account of the internet connectivity being such an expansive market but also because it is capital intensive. Huge sums are required to develop and install satellites for building a viable service network. This is one of the reasons why Softbank poured US$1 billion in a $1.2 billion private equity round by OneWeb in 2016.

When it comes to hardware and sensors, miniaturization is in both for space-bound satellites and endpoints on earth

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