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Samsung Opens New AI Centre in Montreal, Canada

Samsung, the South Korean tech mammoth, has revealed its recent plans in the AI domain by announcing a new AI centre in Montreal, Canada. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the watchword of the technological landscape and several communication technologies have been overhauled through the deployment of AI systems. Samsung plans to integrate several AI devices that communicate amongst themselves to build a multi-device platform. This would enable the company in providing personalised experiences to the users of its products. The main intent behind the use of AI technologies in communications is to bring about unseen and unprecedented innovations in interaction platforms.

Initiatives by Samsung

A multi-modal platform for interaction that includes vision, voice, touch, and screen would play a pivotal role in enhancing the growth prospects of Samsung.  One of the spokesperson for Samsung asserted that enabling multi-device systems would lead to greater adoption of AI systems. Samsung’s Ai centre in Montreal is North America’s fourth and the world’s seventh AI centre by Samsung that has commenced this year. The other centers are located in Britain, Russia, and South Korea, and all of these centers are working towards developing Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant.

Future of Samsung AI Centers

The centre at Montreal is expected to pave way for commendable growth in the field of AI and could be a harbinger of innovation in multi-device communication. Robotics and machine learning will also be amongst the key areas of focus at the centre. Furthermore, Samsung has also revealed its plans to venture into unexplored technological areas in the forthcoming years.

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