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Samsung and Arqiva Launch First 5G FWA Trial in Europe

Samsung Electronics and Arqiva, a leading player in the U.K. communication infrastructure market, have collaborated to set up the field trial for 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) technology. The trial works on equipment installed in Arqiva’s Central London office and is aimed at establishing the viability of 5G fixed wireless access technology as an alternative to fiber-based services. The unreliable stability of FWA technology has been a key hindrance for the market, and the trial aims to overturn the public perception about the same, with the equipment having established steady gigabyte-per-second downlink speeds in areas close to the equipment.

The workings of the trial are complicated, with Samsung and Arqiva making full use of their individual capabilities to maximize the impact of the 5G FWA setup. The connection between a radio access unit and the CPE (router) delivering Internet connectivity is handled by Arqiva, with the two being installed at the firm’s two offices in Central London. Samsung has provided the beam-forming technology for the generation of high-frequency mmWaves. Samsung’s virtualized core of the system, which is essential to delivering Arqiva’s connectivity to the Internet as well as for managing the multiple user connections to the FWA system, works on Arqiva’s data centers.

5G FWA presents a viable option for both private connectivity to the Internet and public WiFi connectivity due to its high speeds. The trial represents the first effort of its kind in Europe, and could thus be a crucial milestone in the development of the telecommunications market in the region. The trial is expected to be visited and reviewed by U.K. government officials as well as mobile network and fixed network operators in the coming years. Arqiva and Samsung also plan to extend the range of the installation over time to further consolidate their claim that 5G FWA is the way forward for connectivity.

Rohit Bhisey
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