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Rosenberger is a global company that is involved in the design, manufacture and marketing of a myriad high performance products. It deals with state-of-the-art infrastructure systems, products, and components that meet standards of original equipment manufacturers or operators. Rosenberger’s product offerings include high-performance antennas, high-quality PIM testing and measurement equipment, and smart active and passive DAS systems.

Rosenberger – the leading manufacturer of connectivity solutions offers an extensive range of products, services, and the know-how needed to serve the continually rising demand for communication systems. It serves this through an infrastructure required for this.

Some of the product offerings of Rosenberger are:-

1) High-capacity and Ultra-compact Antennas for Base Station – 2G/3G/4G/4.5G macro sites and forthcoming 5G antenna applications for small cell base station.

2) High-performance and High-efficiency Antennas – they display 93% energy-efficiency with outstanding PIM performance

3) In-building Coverage Solutions employing Smart DAS System – Rosenberger Active All-in-One Network (RAAION) is the novel digital active distributed antenna system (DAS) which serves consistent, superior 2G/3G/4G capability on a 5G-ready platform in public and commercial venues at significantly low cost of deployment.

4) Rack and Site Analyzer – the portable PIM α analyzer with an accuracy below 30 cm provides high-precision and effective distance for PIM tests on site. Rosenberger’s rack analyzers have been designed to create PIM tests for production environment or test lab environment precise, modular, and efficient to the highest degree.

5) Data Center Solutions – Limits of High-performance Data Transmission redefined – Rosenberger solutions eliminates uncertainty factors such as loss budget and contamination that are crucial for performance of day-to-day operations.

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