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Robotic Surgery for Bladder Cancer as Effective as Open Surgery, says study

In a breakthrough development, robotic surgery has been reported to be as effective as traditional open surgery for bladder cancer. Robotic surgery comes with huge advantages is gaining acceptance. The 3D screen provides live pictures of the body part that has to be operated. The two cameras that are mounted on robotic hands and are inserted into the body through a small incision sends images of the body part to be operated.

Patients who underwent robotic surgery and traditional surgery were assessed after two years with no major difference in survival or disease progression in the two groups. The one carried out with robots involved less blood loss and shorter hospital stay, but duration of the surgery was long. The two surgeries did not have substantial difference in complication rates or quality of life of patients.

Using a robotic system, a surgeon can perform operations through tiny incisions. The movement of the surgeon’s wrist or hand are converted into extremely precise movements of surgical instruments. The surgeon get to view 3D magnified high-definition image of the surgical site in real time.

Randomized Open versus Robotic Cystectomy (RAZOR) Trial by National Cancer Institute sole Pursuit to Evaluate Survival of Robotic and Open Surgery

Introduced in 2000, robotic surgery has picked up fast and has been used for nearly four million surgeries worldwide. However, only Randomized Open Versus Robotic Cystectomy Trial (RAZOR) sponsored by the National Cancer Institute have been systemic efforts to assess the difference between robotic surgery and open surgery for cancer survival.

Following RAZOR trial, it was revealed that 72.3% of patients with robotic surgery were alive after two years compared to 71.6% of survivors of open surgery.

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