Rising Demand for Alternatives Boosts Progress in Global Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Market


Tea as a refreshment variety and a beverage is popular all over the globe, and in recent times, innumerable tea products are being sold by the minute. One such tea type that is witnessing an immense demand since last few years is the butterfly pea flower tea, thereby comprising a distinct butterfly pea flower tea market from a worldwide perspective.

A rising demand for health alternative tea-based products is mainly driving growth in the global butterfly pea flower tea market. The flower from which the tea extracts are sourced is known as Clitoria Ternatea, and it carries a huge amount of anti-oxidants and flavonoids sans caffeine. These constituents pose as key benefits as they have a positive impact on human metabolism. Owing to such benefits, the demand for this tea variety is widely increasing, thereby making the butterfly pea flower tea market witness tremendous growth. With changing lifestyles, people are looking forward for alternatives, mainly those having a positive effect on their health. And as the butterfly pea flower tea fits this scenario perfectly, the percentage of consumers for this product has risen on a splendid level in recent times.

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However, this product is not available easily in remote and underdeveloped regions, thereby restraining the global butterfly pea flower tea market’s expansion from a regional perspective. In such cases, availability might be marred due to high costs of the products too. Nonetheless, several manufacturing companies are expected to launch cost-regulated tea products. This could offset most restraints affecting the global butterfly pea flower tea market in the upcoming future.

Siam Industries International, Yumchaa, Manila Superfoods, Morning Farm, healthy Organic, Woodland Foods, Chaidee Factory Co., Ltd., Bluechai, Longevity Warehouse, and Tea Forte., are some of the key players operating in the global butterfly pea flower tea market. A key product launch in this sector includes the launch of the special edition cold brew beverage by Starbucks Asia.

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