Rising Consumer Awareness Regarding Health Benefits of Ginger to Drive Global Ginger Extract Market


Ginger is a common kitchen spice native to tropical Asia that extensively used to season and flavor food. However, in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, the root of the spice is highly prized due to its vast beneficial constituents, which are known to treat digestive disorders, especially diarrhea and nausea, and conditions such as arthritis and heart diseases. With increased realization regarding the vast health benefits of ginger across the globe, its usage in dried, powdered, or liquid extract form has seen a significant uptick in the past few years. The global ginger extract market is likely to expand at an impressive pace due to this rising consumer awareness about its vast health benefits in the next few years.

Rising Prevalence of Arthritis to Benefit Global Ginger Extract Market

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 54 mn adults in America currently suffer from some form of arthritis and the numbers are likely to rise to 78 mn by 2040. Studies have demonstrated the impressive benefits of the anti-inflammatory functions of ginger in helping protect joints from further damage and alleviating some of the symptoms of the condition.

To provide effective ginger-based products to this rising pool of patients, several companies have launched innovative ginger-based products in the international ginger extract market. Recently, NOW Organic International, a Dutch company producing a range of products ranging from wholesome organic foods to dietary supplements, has introduced a new line of organic juices based on ginger. Some pure juices without any additives can be mixed with smoothies, fruit juices, tea, and water, while a tangerine juice with ginger is ready-to-drink.

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Potential Use of Black Ginger Extract in Curing Erectile Dysfunction Grabs Attention of Medical Industry

A study published recently in the Journal of Integrative Medicine has demonstrated the effective use of the extract of a variety of black ginger, called Kaempferia parviflora, in improving sexual performance and satisfaction in middle-aged men. In the study, an ethanol extract of the ginger improved sexual health in most of the study participants, which included men between the ages of 50-68 years. The ginger extract was given to the participants for 30 days, post which the sexual health parameters were evaluated.

As sexual health is linked with the overall wellbeing of men, with erectile dysfunction also considered an early indication of cardiovascular conditions and may also lead the development of adverse conditions such as heart attacks, the healthcare sector is focusing on the development of more effective medicines to treat sexual health concerns. There are existing drugs that serve to enhance sexual health in men, like Viagra. But most present medicines carry several side effects and are ineffective in some men. The medicines based on Kaempferia parviflora, whenever they are launched, will potentially develop a safe and more effective non-prescription alternative.

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