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Rich in carb and Low on Protein Diet to Support Healthy Ageing of Brain

Devin Wahl and his team of colleagues, using a mouse model have shown that an unrestricted diet in that is low in protein diet and is quite rich in carbs has not only improved the overall health, but has also have improved the brain health, memory, and learning. In terms with the present lack of drugs for dementia, it is quite exciting that the team of researchers have started to identify the diets, which can affect how the brains further ages.

The research that was currently published in the journal Cell Reports is the first research study in this area, which demonstrates that the protein diet offers similar protective brain advantages to the calorie-restricted diets. This have further proven longevity benefits; however, they are quite difficult for most of the most people in order to sustain.

Devin Wahl further states that the study shows quite a lot of promise that they have been quite able to replicate the same kind of the gene changes in the different parts of the brain responsible for the memory that they further look when they severely restrict the calories.

In addition to this, the advantages of a high-carb and a low-protein diet has already been well appreciated by several cultures, with people in Okinawa in Japan and many others in the Mediterranean regions, who have adopted this mix from quite a long time. In the research study, the mice were fed with some complex carbohydrates that extracted from starch and the protein casein that is present in the milk and cheese.

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