Researchers to Showcase Neuroengineering in 3D Brain-like Microenvironments

The human brain is highly organized of expansive and complex cellular and neuronal networks; however, the existing scientific understanding of the developing brain is quite limited. The field of neuroengineering is considered as an evolving field, which employs some advanced technology so as to manipulate neurons. The discipline further can develop disease models of the peripheral and central nervous system so as to grasp neurological disorders and then produce next-generation bio-materials for neural tissue engineering.

The capability to directly reprogram and then convert the mature cells, including fibroblasts into neurons and has also presented the promising therapeutic potential. The advanced technology for neuroengineering is expected to aim on designing and creating a wide range of applications for regulating neurons.

The team of neuroscientists have recently showcased that the brain extracellular matrix decellularized from the human brain tissue that can further simplify the conversion of the primary mouse embryonic fibroblasts directly into the induced neuronal cells in the laboratory. The neuronal cells that have been generated on the brain extracellular matrix substrates that were transplanted in the animal brain of an animal model of ischemic stroke, which further led to the significant improvements in the locomotive behaviors.

The research study shows that the neuroengineering combining 3D brain extracellular matrix hydrogels with microfluidics that will recreate brain-like microenvironments with the higher efficacy in order to boost the direct reprogramming and neural conversion. This is expected to promote the functional recovery of animals after the cell transplantation. This research study has study has been published in the Nature Biomedical Engineering.

Rohit Bhisey
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