Researchers Invent Miniature Magnetic Devices to Change Drug Delivery Process

Drug Delivery

A new devices invented to change drug delivery process which is one millimeter long, barely can be seen through naked eye, and has a magnetic head and tail that is flexible allowing it float and swim. This is focused on curing complex parts of the bodies where this device is expected to reach by swimming when magnetic field is activated.

A team of researchers from the University of Exter, designed the devices and integrated it with magnetic control mechanism is attributed with a mathematical model that helps them to envisage their behavior in various environment, like complex fluids or microfluidic channels. It is well believed by the researchers that the invented device will help in rising the healthcare sector and drug delivery process as this is likely to carry drugs to particular part of the body, thus enhancing treatment time and help in achieving greater success rate. Researchers also believe that this devices is likely to transform the field of microfluidics. Microfluidics generally focuses on flowing liquid through thin channels.

Principal investigator at the University of Exter, Professor Feofor Ogrin said that after this invention, there will be radical change in the practice of medicine. This devices can be used one day for will carry drugs to a specific location with the help swimming through blood vessels.

He also mentioned that there can be microscopic kind of the device that can be used on ‘lab-on-a-chip’ technology, thus allowing the diagnosis of a diseases much sooner. This is likely to save lives in future.

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