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Researchers Found Use of Natural Molecules to Reverse Heart Disorders in Diabetics

Recently, an international collaboration that is jointly being led by Monash University in Melbourne and the University College Dublin has discovered that mimicking the activity of the natural molecules that are found naturally in the body may offer a new and effective approach for treating the vascular disease in diabetes. In the last few years, the rising cases of diabetes have presented a huge health challenge across the globe. AT present, around 425 million people worldwide are diabetic and it is expected that the number will rise upto 750 million by the end of 2025. As per research studies, around 10% of the national healthcare budget is allocated for the management of diabetes and its related complications.

People who are living with diabetes have a very high prevalence of cardiovascular disorders. A build-up of immune cells and fat on the blood vessels further develops plaque and causes inflammation. If there is a rupture in the plaque, then it can clog up the blood vessel and result in starving the brain of oxygen, leading to a stroke. In a healthy condition, the body produces specific messenger molecules, which tightly take care of the inflammation. However, in a disease such as diabetes, the inflammation can turn so vigorous that it further overwhelms the actions of the messengers and the rages out of control.

This research study is being carried out in University College Dublin by Dr Eoin Brennan and investigators in Melbourne as a part of the European Union funded project, which has taken a fundamental approach of mimicking the complete activity of the messengers making use of a synthetic version of a natural molecules, known as lipoxin.

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