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Researchers find Sun’s Magnetic Field to be Stronger than Believed

The study of heavenly bodies such as the moon and sun has become immensely popular among scientists. It has helped them in understanding the finer details about the outer space environment. Furthermore, it is important to understand the properties endowed by light emitted from the sun. Researchers have lately found out that the magnetic field of the sun is ten times stronger than what it was believed to be so far. The research was jointly conducted by researchers from Aberystwyth University and Queen’s University Belfast. This is an important discovery that could drive scientists to change their approach towards sunlight usage.

Genesis of Research

A researcher at Aberystwyth University, Dr. David Kuridze, made the compelling discovery. He commenced his research at Queen’s University Belfast and had accomplished it when he joined Aberystwyth University. The use of telescopes for the study of the sun’s properties and corona is extensively done at both of the universities. Corona is the ring of bright light formed around the sun during an eclipse. A  Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope was used by Dr. Kuridze while conducting his studies at Roque de los Muchachos Observatory. An abrupt solar flare that erupted from the sun’s surface on 10th September, 2017 became the basis for Dr. Kuretze’s research.

Accuracy of Findings

Several favourable factors led the research team to finally determine the magnetic field of the sun. Furthermore, their findings were astoundingly accurate due to the presence of multiple equipment and telescopes. The researchers believe that the study of the corona is amongst the most important parameters for the success solar researchers. The frequent appearance of solar flares also helped the researchers during their research. The research findings have opened new avenues for growth within the domain of solar studies.

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