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Researchers find Novel Molecular Target for Treating Prostate Cancer

A recent study has found a cause for prostate cancer along with a molecule that can counterattack the progress of the cancer. The research was done on laboratory mice. It is anticipated that if the findings are confirmed in humans then the molecule can be used to treat prostate cancers. In the backdrop of rising cases of prostate cancer considered as the second leading cause of death caused by cancer in the U.S, the findings are likely to bring some respite.

Researchers discover Useful Therapeutic Target in Prostate Cancer

The research team studied molecular and genetic data from cancer patients. They identified that there were evidences of activity of Onecut2 molecules in tumors of patients who did not respond to hormone therapy. Molecule Onecut2 is needed to make proteins in the body. They discovered that the Onecut2 obstructed the androgen receptor proteins. These androgen receptor proteins are the targets of hormone therapies. This findings made it clear that Onecut2 molecule made cancer to be independent of hormones for growth. On the other hand, the study also found that Onecut2 also made some cancer cells to turn into an aggressive variety and this is most likely to obstruct hormone therapy. Michael Freeman, a professor of Surgery and Biomedical Sciences, said that the mechanism of actions of Onecu2 molecule can help to understand why several prostate cancer dodge hormone therapy and become aggressive.

New Compound found promising for Preventing Growth of Cancer

Researchers conducted additional experiments with human tissue samples and found a compound called CSRM617 which has the ability to counteract the action of Onecut2. The research found that CSRM617 reduced the size of cancer in mice, mainly by targeting Onecut2.

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