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Researchers Discover 25% Power Loss in UK for Solar Power

A team of researchers at the Huddersfield University have recently untaken one of the largest study at present into the effectiveness of the solar power panels across the U.K. The team has further discovered that several parts of the nation are suffering from the overall loss of solar power of up to 25% as the concern of the regional hot-spots. These hot spots are also considered as quite prevalent in the North region of England in comparison with the South region of England.

A lecturer in the Electronics and Control Engineering and the Co-director of the Photovoltaics Laboratory at the University, Dr. Mahmoud Dhimish have analyzed around 2,580 polysrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels that are distributed across the U.K. According to the research studies, the U.K. has remained fossil-free from the last two years and is expected to demand is likely to constantly rise for the renewable energy.

Dr. Dhimish, after quantifying the overall data have discovered that the panels are found to have the hot spots have generated a power output that is quite less than those that don’t have hot spots. He has also discovered that the location is considered as a key contributor for the distribution of hot spots. The photovoltaic hot spots are the areas of the elevated temperature that can further affect the only part of the panel. These hot spots are a result of the localized reduction in the efficiency and the most important cause of the accelerated photovoltaic ageing, which after cause a permanent damage to the lifetime performance of the solar panels.

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