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Researchers Develop Wearable Device to Monitor UV Exposure

Long exposure to Ultra violet light is considered to be harmful for human body. Underscoring this issue a team of researchers developed the smallest wearable device. This device is designed to measure one’s exposure to ultraviolet light. The device measure light across various wavelength. It starts from ultra violet, continue to visible light and also measures infrared parts of the light. The device does not run on battery and can enable precision phototherapy. Northwestern Medicine and Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering scientists developed this device. It was launched in November to awareness consumer regarding the harmful affect caused by ultra violet light.

The wearable device device when mounted on participants recorded various light exposure throughout outdoor activities. The device kept a check on therapeutic UV light and blue light phototherapy. The device also exhibited its ability to measure white light exposure. The device can also activate precision phototheraphy for health condition such as atomic dermatitis, psoriasis, and jaundices. It has the potential to monitor accurate and separately UVA and UVB exposure for peoplewho are highly susceptible to melanoma.

John Roger, who is the professor of neurological surgery, led the team. According to him a device like this is easy to use. He also mentioned that as this device does not run on battery, there is no concern for recharging it. He also said that the device is as small as a rain drop and thick as a credit card. This makes it more convenient to carry it. He mentioned that the device can be mounted on a credit card or on a sunglass.

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